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George Wootton Split Arrow Shoot

George Wootton Trophy split arrow shoot

Come have a go at winning Randwick Archery club's George Wootton Trophy with the Split Arrow shoot competition.  We'll shoot this tournament on Sunday 30th October, starting at 1pm.

You'll shoot six ends, with six arrows each at the target.  For recurve archers, the target will be at 30m, and for compounders we'll push it back to 50m.

There's just one catch... The target is 710 mm long, and 18 mm wide!

Every arrow that lands on the target earns a point, including line breakers.  Highest score wins.

The winner will hold the George Wootton Trophy for 12 months, and we will have some spot prizes to give away on the day.  So come along and give it a shot!

Register online here:  https://randwick-archery.hello...