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WAA 600 - 1st July

WAA 600 shoot on 1st July

Randwick are pleased to be hosting a WAA 600 shoot on Saturday 1st July.

Please arrive by 9:30am

Shooting starts at 10am

Entry fee: $10

Sign up online here  

A WAA 600 shoot is a great way to get started with a little friendly archery competition, and is suitable for archers of all levels. You will shoot 15 ends (6 arrows each), and try to make a score of 600 or better. Those archers who achieve a score of 600 will receive a blue WAA badge, and a coloured ribbon to keep on your badge. If you score a 'perfect' end (six arrows all in the yellow zone), you can also claim a perfect pin to add to your quiver.

You select the distance and target face you will shoot, from these options:

- 122cm at 30m

- 80cm at 30m

- 60cm at 30m

- 40cm at 30m

- 20cm at 30m

- 10cm at 30m

- 122cm at 40m

- 80cm at 40m

- 122cm at 50m

- 80cm at 50m.

WAA 600 shoots are a lot of fun, and always really popular - so make sure you get signed up early!