Monday December 12
00:005:07pm0am–  Just a little reminder that the working bee is coming up on the 17th December (Saturday).  Phil
Sunday December 11
00:009:10am0am–  Due to the current weather conditions the containers will not be open this morning.  liz
00:008:45am0am–  Hi all, this mornings beginners course is postponed due to the seemingly non stop rain. We shall resume next Sunday.  ken
Saturday December 10
00:002:45pm0am–  The containers are closed.  david
00:009:45am0am–  The containers are open.  richard
Saturday December 3
00:001:19pm0am–  Club champs today. Done and dusted. Think everyone had a good time.  karl
00:008:53am0am–  Beautiful day for club champs at  karl
Sunday November 27
00:011:08am0am–  Too windy to shoot, too wet to mow, found some arrows instead. Still hunting for my X10 but no luck this time.  jim m
00:011:03am0am–  Due to the high winds , the range will be closed today for the jama training. It's been deemed unsafe to shoot in these conditions  corey
00:007:14am0am–  And our weather woes continue... Jama Training is cancelled today and the range is closed due to the dangerous wind conditions.  richard
Saturday November 26
00:010:30am0am–  Our run of bad luck with the weather continues 😞 and the containers have been closed for the day. Cross fingers for tomorrow.  richard
Sunday November 20
00:012:10am0am–  Although it is lovely weather FINALLY, unfortunately people have made other plans, so the containers are closed this afternoon.  richard
00:000:22am0am–  Sunday's Beginners Course is on  richard
Saturday November 19
00:009:49am0am–  Due to flooding on the range and the driveway getting chewed up and very muddy the range is closed today.  richard
Friday November 18
00:010:28pm0am–  Saturday's Senior Coaching Session has been CANCELLED. Might be able to arrange something for Sunday, to be confirmed tomorrow.
Not sure at this point whether the containers will be open tomorrow.
The range probably will be open, but even where there aren't pools of standing water it's VERY wet underfoot over most of it so if you're going to head down take gumboots.
[It really has been a lousy Spring.]