Lloyd Brown

Lloyd Brown, Archery GB Olympic Coach, introduces coaches working with intermediate archers to specific techniques, drills and skills to help archers shoot from a better position of strength, alignment and posture.

01. Overview.flv

02. Set Up.flv

03. Draw & Alignment.flv

04. Full Draw Position.flv

05. Execution.flv

06. Skill Acquisition.flv

07. Strength & Conditioning.flv

08. Disability.flv

Kim Hyung Tak

"Coach Kim" was Head Coach of the Korean Archery Team during their rise to prominence in the 1990's.

01. basic posture.mp4

02. expansion.mp4

03. release.mp4

04. posture control.mp4

05. grip.mp4

06. proper release.mp4

07. shooting a bow.mp4

David Nguyen

David is a certified Archery Instructor and President of the Southern Cross Archery Club in Melbourne, Australia.

String Maintenance.mp4

Using a Clicker.mp4

Alistair Whittingham

Alistair Whittingham has represented Great Britain in recurve and compound competition and coached the Faroe, Slovakian and Irish national teams.

Compound Shooting

Indoor Shooting

Interviews (Audio)

01. Bow Hand Position.mp4

02. The Front End.mp4

03. Aiming (i).mp4

04. More on Hand Position.mp4

05. Posture.mp4

06. Aiming (ii).mp4

07. The Draw.mp4

08. Automatic Skill (i).mp4

09. Reference.mp4

11. Recurve Execution.mp4

14. More on Shot Execution.mp4

15. Automatic Skill (ii).mp4

19. Quick Bow Setup.mp4

21. Recurve Drawlength.mp4

22. Dynamic Posture.mp4

30. Torque.mp4

31. Body Position.mp4

John Winchester

John Winchester was an aerospace engineer and consultant to Nasa before becoming the head coach of the Guatemalan national team.

Compound Shooting

01. The Wedge.mp4

02. Loads at full draw and how to deal with them.mp4

03. It's all in the alignment.mp4

04. Release - Wrist study at full draw.mp4

05. Alignment Errors - Swing Out Shoulder Problem.mp4

06. Release and Follow Through.mp4

07. Focus on the Release not the Follow Through.mp4

08. Recurve - Effect of alignment errors.mp4

10. The Archer's Hook.mp4

11. Aiming a Recurve Bow.mp4