Where can I practice archery (other than on an archery range)?

This information is provided in good faith but it does not constitute legal advice.

You do not need a licence to buy, possess or shoot a bow in New Zealand but it is an offence to:
  • knowingly endanger the lives, safety or health of the public or any individual
  • have a weapon in a public place without a reasonable excuse
  • recklessly disregard the safety of others in any public place with anything that in the absence of precaution or care is likely to cause injury
So with due regard for the safety of others you can practice archery on private property (subject to permission of the owner) or on public land such as national parks, conservation areas or reserves. 

If you’re practicing anywhere that is within view of anyone you can reduce your chances of being interrupted (or reported to police) by ensuring they know who you are, what you’re doing and that you have taken safety considerations into account. 

Regardless of where you practice you may be approached by the police but if you can show that your intentions are legitimate and that you have taken appropriate precautions to ensure nobody is being endangered then you should be OK.

Note that bow hunting / bow fishing on Department of Conservation controlled land or water requires a hunting permit and there are minimum criteria for bows and crossbows.